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Supporting your struggling learners

We know that many schools across Australia are currently facing the challenges of remote teaching.

This new way of teaching could see some of your struggling learners fall even further behind without the necessary face to face support they receive in a classroom.

That’s why we’ve created a virtual Special Education workshop series specifically designed for special educators and teachers. Our workshop and webinar series is designed to help develop your confidence and practice in supporting those students. From refresher topics in special education to proficiency and mastery workshops for special education tools, we can help you provide support to the students who need it most.

Learn more about how using the Response to Intervention framework can guide your process of assessment and support. The tools covered in our webinars and workshops help you identify and assess a learner’s cognitive ability and skills, academic achievement, and social-emotional learning. You’ll also learn how to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Our courses are tiered from beginner to mastery, helping you build your experience and confidence as you teach.

Tier 1 - Beginner: An introduction to special education tools


Tier 2 - Competent: Learn about basic administration, scoring and interpretation guidelines of two of our most popular special education tools


Tier 3 - Proficient: Learn how to identify and assess a student’s cognitive ability, academic achievement, cognitive skills and social-emotional learning


Tier 4 – Mastery: Become an expert and learn how to administer, scoring, analyse results and monitor a student’s progress using the WIAT-III.