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Tier 1 - Beginner: An introduction to special education topics and tools


Our workshops


Refresh your knowledge in special education topics and get to know about the tools that could support your struggling learners

We’ve created introductory on-demand webinars to help special educators identify and screen a learner who is struggling in the classroom.

Presented by our Pearson consultant psychologist Stewart D’Silva, our webinars will give you an introduction into special education tools and how to screen your learners.


Response to Intervention: A framework to guide screening and comprehensive assessment in schools   

Join consultant psychologist Stewart D'Silva as he discusses using the Response to Intervention (RTI) framework to guide the process of screening and assessment in schools. This webinar will also outline
how to build a comprehensive assessment suite
for use within schools.

50 minutes

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Screening a student's potential vs current achievement

Join Consultant Psychologist, Stewart D'Silva, as he discusses why screening a student's potential and current achievement levels can be a critical first step for teachers and special education professionals after receiving a referral.

Learn how some of our Special Education assessments, Ravens 2, PPVT5, WRAT5 and WIAT-III, can provide insight into a student's learning challenges and can point you in the direction of understanding and targeted intervention.

50 minutes

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Our courses are tiered from beginner to mastery, helping you build your experience and confidence as you teach.

Tier 1 - Beginner: An introduction to special education tools


Tier 2 - Proficient: Learn how to identify and assess a student’s cognitive ability, academic achievement, cognitive skills and social-emotional learning. Get accredited with Pearson’s User Level B.


Tier 3 - Mastery: Become an expert and learn how to administer, scoring, analyse results and monitor a student’s progress using the WIAT-III.


Pearson Clinical user levels explained

What is a user-level?

When you register with Pearson Clinical Assessment, you will be assigned an individual user-level. Your user-level is based on your profession and qualifications and is assigned to you upon submission of your registration. This determines what assessments you can order from Pearson Clinical Assessment.

A = Teacher/Educator

B = Speech Pathologist, Special Educator*, Allied Health*

C = Psychologist

* Please note postgraduate training in advanced statistics, research methods and psychometric assessment use

Stewart D’Silva
Consultant Psychologist at Pearson Clinical

Stewart D'Silva is the Consultant Psychologist managing the Social-Emotional Learning and Special Education portfolio used by teachers, special educators and clinicians across Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, he works closely with teachers, special educators and leadership teams in schools across Australia and NZ to learn more about:

  • Best practice frameworks to support students that are struggling,
  • Best available tools available to screen, assess, intervene and monitor the progress of these students,
  • How to understand the information we collect in context of the child’s situation
  • Professional development opportunities to upskill special educators

Stewart is a registered psychologist in Australia and New Zealand and has years of experience in assessment and counselling work in primary, secondary, and tertiary education and private practice.